Sunday, July 7, 2013

May 13, 2013


   So yeah that was pretty exciting talking face to face for like 45 minutes yesterday eh?? You all say that I'm a sight for sore eyes to you, but you have no idea how much it is for me! I see people that i don't know all day every day, so there's no familiar faces cheer me up when i'm down or to distract me when I'm thinking about home haha. So yes, yesterday was quite a happy day for me!! Today is P-day, but it probably won't be eventful other than letters. I have like a zillion people to write today cause I'm so popular...haha just kidding. But really i have a few letters to write. Thanks so much for your input on what I asked you about yesterday mom, I really appreciate it. Trey I'm not going to do that thing I was talking about with you until your mission is a little bit sooner, but I do want to try it, and here's why. I always have been in this competition with all my sibling in everything we do, it's always a competition. Not this time. Grant was suppose to start missionary work for us, but i am suppose to learn from his experiences and be a better missionary than he was, and then i'm suppose to teach you all that i know so that you can be a better missionary than me, and since you are still home, you can begin teaching bryce  what we've learned so he can be better than all of us. this work is progressive, not competitive. And if sis goes on a mission she'll be the best of us all, but that's just because sisters are always the best missionaries haha. Anyways... so I'm not quite sure what to say since we talked on the phone like 18 hours ago haha. I miss you guys! Hey do you still have that CD of elder's Eyring and Holland talking about missionary work and the atonement? If you do, I want you to show that to Isabella, and you tell her that everything they say in there has direct application to every missionary who has ever been afraid. A mission is not easy, and it will never be easy, not for one second, but there will be nothing in your life that will build your testimony more rapidly and solidly. At least nothing in your life to this point. My philosophy on serving a mission is this- If you don't go, maybe you will regret it, maybe not you really don't know yet, but if you do go, you can count on the fact that you will never ever regret it. A mission is the best thing you can do for a struggling  or feeble testimony. And for a solid testimony, it's a guarantee to keep it solid. Sorry now I'm rambling, but my testimony of the savior's work, that is ministry and service in representation of Him, is so rock solid and all i want is for everyone to experience the refiner's fire that i'm going through. What a thrill it is to see the spirit work so strongly in someone that it literally drives the sin away from their very thoughts! I love you guys and hope you all have a good week! Seek the spirit daily and He will guide you in every aspect both temporal and spiritual, both emotional and physical. Much love and peace Fam!!

Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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