Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug. 27, 2013

Hey hey hey fam!!! Wow it sounds like everyone is doing pretty crappy! Sucks to be me right now!! (nacho) haha. No but really. that's such a bummer that things aren't going great for everyone right now. Can't win 'em all eh?  So we got to go to the temple this week, that's why p-day is on tuesday this week. Have you seen the new temple video yet??? If not, then you don't go to the temple enough haha it's been out for a little while. But IT IS SICK! Way better than the last one haha I loved it! dude, today I ran into sister nelson who i was tight with in the benson hill ward, on sunday i ran into the Barajas family, who was basically like a family on the mission, and on saturday and ran into the Eastman's haha! Crazy! Just happened to see them on the street in downtown Seattle!! So this week has been a week full of remembrance haha! It's been really nice though, i'm super glad I was able to see all those people! Olga is doing well haha. President Choi came to my ward on sunday haha and he ended up talking with her for like a half hour and she loved it. We have a lesson set up with her tonight so hopefully that goes well. I have really been thinking about my mission lately and what it actually means to me and I can tell you that it means so much! I am slowly realizing that it's not all that short of a time, it really isn't, but it is all i have to be a full time missionary like this for all of eternity! Only once in all of existence will I get to be a young, single guy who's sole purpose is to bring others unto the savior. Full Time baby. this is it. Then it's done. And all I've got left is like 11 months. It's really made me think about what I'm doing and how I'm working and what I can be improving on. Anyways, I love you all so much! I hope everyone has a much better week this week! talk to you soon! love you!!! 

Love, Elder Bill :) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

(Elder Brimhall baptizing Elaina, and her mom Genel)


Nacho?....How's it going?.. haha I have been thinking about nacho a lot this week. What's up Family????? HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHERRRRIDAAAAAAAANNNN!!!! Hope you have a fantabulous birthday sis! You guys better make her birthday awesome! She's turning 9 already! Doesn't it seem like just last week I was emailing her for her 8th b-day while I was still in the MTC?? Crazy. Well dish, i sent you a card in the mail, so you should get that by like thursday or so. So sorry I bought myself a gift on Hump Day (year mark day). I got a sick flat brim jordan hat. I'll send you pictures. It was only ten bucks so I couldn't pass that one up haha. Olga is doing well! She and her two kids came to church this week and I think they enjoyed it, I didn't really get a chance to talk to her about it yet haha so we'll see. That's so cool that bruce is starting seminary! I feel so old haha. I'm not gonna lie, this week was a pretty freaking draining week. Especially emotionally. There were a lot of inward things and outward things that happened personally and with the work. But I can honestly say that I learned more about the Lord, this work, and myself in this last week than I have in any other week of my life!! I am so incredibly grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who never stops teaching me and ever stands by me as I teach. Following the promptings of the spirit has been absolutely paramount in almost everything that I have done this week. Okay here is one example: When we were preparing a lesson plan for Olga's lesson on saturday, the word of wisdom randomly came to my mind. My companion and I both thought that was ridiculous and that there was no reason for that right now, and that she didn't need that. But I decided to remain confident that despite my own views, I would follow what I thought was direction from on high. So we prepared a small lesson on the word of wisdom. When we got to Olga's house, she had been reading about fasting and how it helps you spiritually, and wanted to know more about what God wants for us Physically. What can she do to be more healthy spiritually and physically at the same time? At that point we didn't even need to follow the lesson plan, the words just came. Random scriptures that related came to mind, powerful and firm testimony was born, and Olga committed to live the Word of Wisdom. Because we planned by the spirit, it became easy to teach by the spirit. And that is only one example of what has happened over and over and over throughout that past few days. I love the Lord and His gospel, his teachings, and his example of righteousness and love. I am so proud and so grateful to be his servant and mouthpiece here in the Washington Seattle Mission. I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well!! Speaking of which, please tell trey man to check his email, I sent him a short email that he must reply to. Hope ya'll have a great week! Love you!!!
 Seattle night life!
 Bailey and Elder Vestal
 Okay...He did NOT learn this from his mother!!
 Elder Brimhall's new bike...the white one!
He bought himself a hat & sweatshirt for hump day!!

haha...look at Elder Vestal in the background :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hey fam!! Hey i hope your test went well dad! I said a prayer for ya!! Well... haha it sounds like everything at home is about as hectic as it can get! Same old stuff! haha. To answer your question about training, yes I love it a lot! Still having a blast and still loving capitol hill. Haha but to tell you the truth we don't spend a ton of time on the Hill, we're usually down in the central district or rainier valley, which is the ghetto of seattle, but that's where most of the action is at haha so we gotta be there! Thanks so much for the box! I loved it! Haha You chose some good pictures for that picture book haha! This week we were part of a pretty huge miracle! So we've been teaching this russian lady named Olga, and she has two middle school aged kids. Olga is super stubborn and refuses to accept like any of the doctrine, won't come to church won't pray about the book of mormon or about baptism, and on friday we had our do or die lesson with her. The lesson was super intense and we left the house pretty frustrated and so was she, but we had committed her to say a real heartfelt prayer about it that night. On saturday we came back for a follow-up visit, and it was a huge miracle! The Lord has softened her heart and the first thing she said was like "Where is your church located. I'm going to have to come to church to know if it's true." and she promised that next week she was going to be there. The Lord is such a good dude. I love him. That softening of her heart was a HUGE miracle! I'm convinced that the Lord never stops working miracles among the children of men! I hope everything is going well at home! Mom and Dad are the only ones that emailed me this week, the rest of you failed haha. Love you lots! See you soon!

Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug. 5, 2013

HEY FAM!! What's up?? haha So to answer your question mom, I actually love it here. I'm really glad that I got to stay. Plus I'm training and training lasts 12 weeks so I'll most likely be here for a total of at least 7 1/2 months. crazy huh?? That's so weird that trey will be wearing garments soon. I feel like it was just yesterday that I put mine on for the first time haha but in reality that was like over 14 months ago. So I do have to say I love being a trainer haha. It's so much fun to be able to relate mission and life experiences to a new elder who can really use them. Plus during training schedule in the morning it's good for me to be able to teach the fundamentals that I learned when I was in training and be reminded of those vital basics. No, I didn't get your box yet :( but I think I'm getting it either today or tomorrow. Oh P.S. sorry I was using up so much money in my account last month, we were so flippin busy and we were just grabbing stuff on the run all the time! This week was good! We found a new investigator! She's a black girl in about her mid 20s her name is Amber and we are very excited to start working with her as well. So please add her to your "Bill's investigator prayer list" haha. That's SSSOOOOO good to hear that Papa is getting better and that everything is going well with his treatments! Thanks for the update dad. The Bruce is starting seminary?? CRAZY! That makes me feel pretty freakin old. Hey bruce make sure to be a good boy in sem and participate and be a good example to the other kids! Listening intently in seminary can be a very spiritual and a very meaningful experience. It's weird cause my year mark isn't until the 15th, but since I had that 5 week transfer in the spring, as of now-ish I have 12 months left. Ouch. Where did it all go?? I gotta use this next year better than the first. I haven't taught enough i haven't worked enough and I haven't baptized enough! Not that success is measured in baptisms, but I do have a goal to find many more who are willing to be baptized!! Love you all so much and hope all goes well this week!

Love, Elder Bill :)