Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey Fam!!!!!!

So this week really did go by super fast! I can't even believe how dang fast my mission is going by. It's insane. So answer to questions time. Bruce, i know you won't like this answer, but I've learned this from experience-you don't need to know why you can't go to yellowstone. Mom and Dad will always know best. There is a story in...I think it's april of 2011 or 2012 ensign called "how does he know?" I think you should read that one, and maybe that will help you understand a little more.Yeah mom, Actually i have heard of the fourth missionary before. I've read the original talk that he gave on it and it is really really good! But I definitely would love a copy of it if you could get me one! Yes! Genel and Eliana are still on track for the 15th!!! So excited! they are so awesome, i just love their family, They're my favorites in this area currently haha! Yeah mom I'm doing just fine on pants and shirts. Things are going pretty well! I will probably get my box in about a week since it's transfers next week. I'm betting they'll probably hold off until then. Elder Lopez is on the count down, 7 days left. Then it's home to Saratoga Springs for him! I know, perfect place for him to live, Eh? That'll keep my mind focused haha. Just kidding, I'm doing good don't worry about it! So this week we found a family of five named the shaehart family, and they are awesome! Just moved here from oklahoma and are southern penticostal, but they came to church yesterday and absolutely fell in love with it!! They said they don't want to abandon they're old faith, so it might take some time to adjust, but things are really looking up for them! This church is exactly what they need! Great things are happening in this area! The Lord is pouring out his blessings! Pretty sad though for most of us around here though. President and Sister Larkin only have 3 weeks left with us, and then they go home, and the mission splits! Things are just kinda going nuts around here! When does the shrey put his papers in?? Still waiting on those blood tests? Again, please record it and email it to me! I want to be there too! haha! Oh and mom and dad I sent your small Monther's and Father's day gift to you in the mail today, so it should be there in a few days! So please just keep praying for genel and Eli to make their baptisms! It's crunch time for satan right now, so that means it has to be crunch time for us too!! "Shall We Not Go On In So Great A Cause? Courage Brethren, And On! On To The Victory!!" Love you so much! Have a fantastic week!!

Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall!!:)

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