Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan. 27, 2014

Hey cool pictures!!
I liked that you sent those pics to us! I always kinda wondered what my plaque looked like haha :) And Bruce looks like he is getting pretty tall and good at wrestling! Still not quite as tall as me yet, but close :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! Man you guys had better make dad's birthday super awesome!! Make sure he has a great day! I'll be sending out your card today dad :)
So this week went pretty well. To answer your question, yes I do get along with my companion very well. Elder Petersen and I are a very unified companionship. Maybe the most unified comp i have had yet haha we can finish each other's sentences! It's a blast. our area is so freaking huge and has a ton of huge hills haha so that has been interesting. Well i want you to know that the Lord saved our butts this week. So I was riding my bike on friday morning when my custom integrated derailer on my bike (the most expensive and necessary part) randomly snapped in half. We took it to the cheapest bike shop around and they said that it would be at least around 150$ to fix, so i decided to borrow an old bike from a member. Well a couple hours goes by and the rusty chain on that bike snaps. ouch. There's another at least 30 or 40 bucks. Well as i pled to the lord for help, a wealthy member of the church finds us. Asks what happened to my bikes, and how much it would cost. i told him it would be at least around 200 bucks for the fixes, but that i would feel awful to let him help. Nonsense! he says haha. For that cheap I would have to help. He threw my bikes in the back of his pick up truck, and took us to the bike shop. And just for good measure he bought me a new head light and tail light because our area doesn't have many street lamps at night. I am so grateful to the lord for looking out for me! I love you and hope you all have a really great week!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

Jan.20, 2014

Hey fam!! 
So i like my new ward. They are super awesome haha in fact one of the members paid for some of my groceries the other day. So that was nice. It's a really big area and it's pretty tough to bike in, but it's fun. I love eler petersen! He a great missionary. him and I both go home the same transfer haha so that's pretty cool. We're like one of the oldest companionships in the mission right now. Sorry I don't have pictures of anything yet, but I will get some to you eventually. :) Thank goodness for nana and papa. They are freaking life savers haha. and you are too, but it's just in time because I thought I had more mission fund money than I actually did in my account, and I ran out this week. So I'll have to buy groceries out of my home account. We weren't super successful with numbers this week, but i thought we were successful because we went out and worked super hard! I don't really know the family we are staying with very well because their garage is seperate from their house so we don't really talk to them a whole lot. I haven't heard anything about Ginger and Pepper since i left. I suspect I won't hear anything for a while haha since i won't be talking to anyone in the bellevue zone for a while. My legs are in a lot of pain haha! we have just been biking and biking and biking. We practically haven't stopped biking for a week! But it's all good because we are having a lot of fun at the same time. We do a ton of tracting in this area. Probably about 4 hours a day. It's pretty tough, but it's all we really can do, because we don't have a whole lot of investigators right now. Oh well. Well that's about it on me for this week!! Hope you are all doing very well!  okay love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
Love, Elder Brimhall :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jan. 14, 2014

Howdy doo fam!!
So this week was super amazing because of two things! So first off, We had a rough start to the week with almost no lessons and then in the last like few days we had a bunch of lessons! So that was good, and then the second great thing was that after becoming best friends and helping them and being there teaching them for four months, Pepper and Ginger and Margaret finally came to church this week!!!! It was definitely the highlight of my week! So the lowlight of my week is that today i was transferred. :( I'm in a town called bothell way up in the boonies haha and yes I'm still on bike. So that should be fun. But i really like my new companion so far! His name is Elder Peterson, he is from Highland Utah. He went to lone peak with bella and avalon, though he didn't know them very well. We live with a member family named the lathum's. They have a seperate garage that we are living on top of. I haven't lived with members before on my mission so this should be fun! That was super exciting to hear about the furniture going into that store soon! That's really great! Thank you all for writing me by the way. It is really great to be able to count on having a bunch of emails from my family every week! I love you all so much and hope that you have a super fantastic week!! Keep the faith!!
Love, Elder Brimhall Sr. ;)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!

Hey there fam!!
   Man I will tell you what. Getting to talk to all of you last week made me soooo happy! It went by way too fast!! I'm so glad that I got to though! Also I can't remember if I even said thank you for all the gifts you sent to me! So thank you soo soo much!! I did absolutely love them and I really needed them too! The scarf and gloves were very needed! They come in handy when riding a bike :) And thanks for sending all those pictures! It made me smile to see everyone in the family together!
We had a really good Christmas! We were at a members house for quite a while, we had lunch there. We watched the lion king haha so that was freaking awesome! They gave us each a stocking haha so that was super thoughtful of them and we were very grateful. Then we went to pepper and ginger's house for dinner and for me to skype! They also gave us a stocking! Man we love them a lot. Haha They also gave us each a gift card to starbucks. Stoked to use it! :) But yeah our christmas was really good! I got the best wake up call ever! Haha Trey called me at 6:30 in the morning haha so that was fun to talk to him. It's really good to hear that he is doing well. We don't have much planned for this week yet, but we do have a new investigator, so we are very excited to teach her some more. She has had a lot of contact with the church in the recent past. And she has a very good experience with it, so she is super open!
 Man can i just tell you guys. I love you! but I am so glad that this is the reason that i am away from home! Missions rule! We have no plans for new years except go inside a little earlier than usual haha. Well I hope you all have a wonderfully fantastic week!! Be good! 
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall