Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Call. . .

This was not a typical Wednesday. . .it was THE Wednesday,
meaning the day his mission call was to arrive.

LOTS of anticipation and anxiety. . .the contents of this envelope
contain how, when, and where his life will change its course.

Opening the call. . . Seattle, Washington.

Just look at that smile. . .he's happy :)

There were many guesses as to where he would go. . .

The support of family and friends means so much to us. . .and
we are so grateful to all who have expressed their love and
enthusiasm for our precious son :)

Here's Bailey and his adorable little "tinker-bell" Tiffani. . .
she is such an amazing girl, and wonderful support to him ;)

Mom and her boy. . .bitter sweet day. Hard to believe he'll be
leaving in a few short months for two years. . . but knowing it's the
best thing he can do with his life at this time. So many amazing
experiences he'll have and lives he'll change.

He is an amazing boy. . . and will come home an amazing man.

"I love being with the full-time missionaries.
They are full of faith, hope, and genuine charity.
Their missionary experience is like a minilife. . .
packaged in 18 to 24 months.
They arrive as spiritual infants with a serious appetite to learn,
and they leave as mature adults, seemingly ready to conquer
any and all challenges placed before them."

(Elder Paul E. Koelliker, Of the Seventy)