Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hey fam what's up??! So this week went pretty good. Sorry that sis had to witness all those nasty people haha but I live right on capitol hill so that is my environment every day haha. Not only that, but somehow the mission took the car from the biggest and sketchiest area in the zone of seattle. We've been biking so dang hard everyday, Luckily we are starting to figure out some of the bus routes, so sometimes we get a break on the bus! Being a senior companion is really different. I am pretty much responsible for everything haha. Elder Mitchell is my campanion. He has been out just a couple months, so that means I have to be a great example for him so that we are exactly obedient! Him and I get along great so things are going well haha. He's a big red headed dude. He's from oakley utah, and he played right tackle for snow college for a year before his mission. He's got the build for it haha. He's about 6'5" and 285 lbs. good sized dude ;) So dad you should know that at least you're not alone in that training haha. When you get tired, just remember that in that moment I'm probably riding uphill sweating my nutsack off! It's hot here in the summer. So you'll notice that there's no money missing from my account yet. That's because I found one for free! It's old and the back brakes don't work, but the front ones do, and the gears work great! So I figured I can just ride this one until it dies :) I went to a bike shop. Bikes are freakin expensive man! like 3- 400 bucks! Not worth it! Maybe I'll go to goodwill today and get one for like 20 bucks :) Good idea. I win. I love you lots! did you get a call from elder Lopez? His suitcase was too big to make requirements, so i let hime borrow the black duffel bag you sent me. He should be calling you soon! If he didn't then kick him in the nuts for me! Hope you all have a great week! Keep saying your prayers and reading your scriptures and going to church and stuff! Love you!

Love, Elder Bill Brimhall

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