Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16, wreck!! :(

Hey fam!!
So this was a pretty interesting week! Haha Jason (Elder Petersen's dad) told us you were worried sick on the phone with him asking him questions and details about the accident haha. So yeah our car is totalled. What happened is we were waiting to turn left on woodinville-duvall road and we were stopped just waiting for traffic to pass by, when a guy in a Big SUV came around the bend at about 50MPH and literally didn't see us right in front of him and slammed into the back of us. Haha Our car had the brakes on the whole time and we still slid about 65 feet away from his car because of the impact. Haha My nametag flew off of my pocket and they found it on the hood of His car! He was fine, no damage to him. I don't want you to worry, but according to crash statistics, Woodinville-duvall road is the third most dangerous street in washington because everyone speeds and doesn't really watch out. Right now it's not looking like we are going to get another car for a while, but we are on foot, because the physical therapist that I saw said that I'll ruin my right leg if I bike on it, because the calf muscles and ligaments are really tight and contorted right now and shouldn't be stretched too far. It's a little painful, but not bad at all considering the seriousness of the crash. Who knows, maybe my bum leg will get us another car haha but I doubt it.
Other than that things are good! The whole ward knew about the crash within like 30 minutes of it happening haha. It was funny. Our investigator Scott finally made it back to church, and it was awesome to see him there! We're really hoping to see some progress from him soon! He seems to be changing little by little, and hopefully it's for the best! We've been picking up the work a lot and our teaching pool is full of new investigators, so we are super excited! Hey dad, sis told me you scared mom half to death because you had to work late and didn't tell her. I'm sure in the future she would appreciate being woken up rather than not being told at all :) haha. Well that's about it this week! Hope all is week and you all have a most excellent week! Love you tons!!
Love, Elder Bailey Bryce Brimhall :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 6, 2014

Hello family!!
   So as for this week, the work went pretty darn good! We had more lessons than usual and we found 2 new investigators from tracting! So the zone leaders issued this challenge this week: for each area to try to reach 15 contacts each day. What they classified a contact as is talking with someone about the gospel and inviting them to do something. Sounds easy right?? Well if you think it's easy, you'll have to remember that bothell is in the middle of nowhere. Plus i'm in woodinville which is outside of bothell. Plus i'm in cottage lake which is the least populated (but largest geographically) area in the zone. Well Cottage Lake (us) currently holds the record at 40 in one day :) Nailed it:) I think the closest behind us is the zone leaders with around 20.... again, nailed it:)
   Hey that sounds super cool about the cabin at Strawberry!! You can count me in to put my fair share of labor into that baby! Sick. Also the bathroom looks nice! Haha and the veggie garden sounds good. I'll be expecting a nice delicious cucumber to bite into on august 11th ;) Man i can't believe how fast the last 6 months has gone! Is it really almost general conference again?? I'm so excited! General conference is like my favorite day of the semi-annual period!! It's my last conference in the mission field :( Sad day, right? I feel like as a missionary I understand way more about what all the speakers are saying than otherwise. Hopefully I'll be able to keep that up after the mish. Sorry if I spent too much cash at value village last week. I did find a suit though for pretty darn cheap and it's classy and it fits like it was tailored to me haha so i love it. Thank you!
   Well fam i hope you have a dandy week and keep the Lord in your thoughts every day! Love you so much!!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)