Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 1, 2013


Haha first I have to say, bruce, I've wanted that t shirt for years now haha so I'm jealous! So this week was good! We are struggling to meet with this family that we are trying to teach so that's frustrating, but other than that things are good! You know what I love? I love being able to be close friends with converts! Like lena and her girls! Or genel and eliana. haha the ward thinks she's my little sister cause she just hangs around me at church and clings to me every time we're over haha. Man I miss you guys too though :( I can't even believe how fast this goes though! Like literrally my year mark is at the beginning of next transfer! Crazy weird. As you may have seen, i bought a bike this week. It's a nice new one, a little over budget and I'm sorry about that, but there aren't any walmarts in seattle and bikes are hecka expensive! But the one I got was really good for the price. It was one of the cheaper ones in the stores I went to! We had a pretty cool wake up call from God this week. We were tired and kinda out of it so we weren't really talking to a whole lot of people, so Heavenly Father thought it would be funny to put like 5 people in a row in our bike path who wanted to stop us and talk to us haha. Very funny. Woke us up. We are both so freaking drained though. haha it's been in the 90's with high humidity and we are biking the biggest area in the stake haha. I better freaking be getting into good shape from this! Sounds like things at home are going well! Keep working at it! It's not easy, but it sure is worth it! I'm not sure what i'm exactly even referring to, but whatever it is, work hard at it! Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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