Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013

Tongish and I in front, Vestal and Jensen in back...

Hey hey!!!
    Wow, Trey man is an officially endowed member now! I feel so old when i say that. It's a weird missionary thing. Things here are going really good! I requested to get sister missionaries to serve in this ward with us, and my request was heard and answered!! Sister Boyd and Sister Bretzing are absolutely freaking incredible! Such solid missionaries! It's really fun cause since they are in the same ward, plus I'm their district leader, Elder Vestal and i get to be with them a lot haha, so it's way fun! Olga is coming along great! Her daughter Valeriya and her son Roman both asked if they could be baptized soon! So of course we said yes!! Valeriya's birthday is coming up on october 17th and that's when she wants to be baptized. Olga is open to the option for her kids, but is still a bit reluctant when it comes to her own baptism. So we are going to continue to work with her.
   HopefullY I'll be able to get a few more pictures sent out today! As for the box, I have no more requests other than the Ipod and licorice, and I know the ipod probably won't be in this box, but I sent an email to Tiffani, so hopefully she'll be contacting you soon! Had a rough week this week for a different reason, but that email will be seperate and is for mom and dad eyes only due to the extremely sensitive subject about which it is. But other than that incident this week has gone very very well!! I love you all so so much and hope you have a fantabulous week!!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

 These are my home-girls Sister Camilla Coombs(left) and Sister Madeline Morrison(right)
Hey hey fam!!
 So don't worry everything stayed the same. I'm still in the washington park ward (capitol hill), I'm still training elder vestal and am district leader, and I'm still lovin it! haha I'm so happy that trey is going through the temple this week!! That is so awesome! It's weird to picture him in G's though haha. And Trey you should be happy you have brother osborne, He's the freaking man. I never had him, but I knew him and he's great! haha to answer your question mom, i have done one quartet (singing) during a zone conference, and i wrote a song on the piano and played it at another zone conference, and I'm playing a song on the piano in sacrament meeting this sunday haha, so i've used it a little bit. request for my next box?? Um if you could but two things in there that would be awesome. Number one- some dutch licorice would be great!! and number two- if You could send my ipod back out, I would appreciate it haha. I don't have much music to listen to, but i know I have some awesome gospel music on my ipod:)  That's so sad to hear about bro Brewster. He's the freaking man. I'll keep them in my prayers for sure. Oh and another thing about the pictures, i don't have the pics you requested yet, but I am sending some home via email today! I don't have any real requests, just keep sending me pictures of our family. i miss you guys a hecka lot. thanks. So I'm way stoked cause this area has been doing so well that we are getting another set of missionaries in this ward that I'll be over. It's a new set of sisters, and it's going to be so awesome to have them in the ward!! Sisters are the REAL missionaries haha. So I hope everything is going well for all of you! Congrats on being finished with the acadamy dad! Love you! Keep being awesome! Keep working hard everyone! But most importantly keep yourselves close to the Lord, because His paths, even though they are not easy and sometimes foreign, will lead you ultimately back home to our loving heavenly Parents. I want you all to know that I love our Father and our Mother in heaven. They are real and they love us so much! I'm grateful that they sent me to the Washington Seattle mission to help others find them! I love you and hope ya'll have a great week!!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall:) 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Oh man i'm so bummed right now!

I wish so bad that I was at the ponds with ya'll right now! I haven't been shooting or fishing or swimming in a long long time haha. Oh yeah tell nana and papa that I got their letter and I will be writing them back very soon and tell them thank you so much!! I wrote them a few weeks ago, but I don't know if they got my letter. Are you all just super excited to start school?? If not then... i don't know haha just get over it, it's a part of growing up. i miss school. Yes you heard right, I MISS school. haha. This week has been pretty good. not overly miraculous, but not necessarily bad either haha. Oh by the way, we have transfers next week so p day will be on tuesday. I hope i'm not getting transfered. I don't think I will because we are still in the middle of his training, but you never know I suppose haha. Thanks for the pictures haha I always enjoy getting pics of my family! It's crazy to think that you guys are all hanging out at the ponds right now. I wanna be there so bad! don't worry, it's not to the point where i'm super home sick or anything, It's just that this is the second year in a row that I had to skip out on that trip and it sucks! but not next year, heck no, count me in! The work this week has gone pretty slow, we're still working with olga, she came to church this week again, which is the third week in a row that she came so we are super excited for her! She also show progress elsewhere, in that she said that she doesn't want to be baptized right now, but if she feels it from heavenly father then she will definitely be baptized. So even just that is a lot of progress for her! Man time is freaking flying! Here in the next several months I'm gonna have to start making plans for when I come home! Only 11 more months that I get to be a missionary! :( It's so sad and so exciting at the same time. I will tell you what, I don't think anything will help you learn to appreciate having your family around than being away from them for 2 years would haha. Oh yeah, dad, as for nana and papa's package, I don't know what the sheahart's need right now, cause they just got a D.I. order that was huge and helped a ton, so maybe just a little package of goodies would be nice haha thanks so much!! Love you all so much and hope you have a great week! have fun at the ponds for me!

Love you much- Elder Brimhall :)