Sunday, July 7, 2013

May 20, 2013

Sounds like home is busy busy as usual! Life in the Brimhall house-hold wouldn't quite be the same any other way haha, except that pretty soon You guys will just have bruce and the dish living at home. Weird. It's good to hear that things are going well. hey bruce you can tell holly jane I'll be praying for her;) Sorry to disappoint you Mom, but I most likely won't be getting transfered anywhere for the next few months at least. Elder Lopez is going home soon, and someone who knows the area still has to be here, and if I end up Training or being a district leader or something, then i will be here for at Least 2 more transfers haha. Oh, and to answer your question, transfers are 4 weeks from tomorrow. Capitol Hill is a beautiful place with some great views, so whoever told you that is right. But (not to scare you or anything) It's also got some really sketchy areas haha. I have heard of at least 3 people being gunned down in just my ward boundaries, just since i've been here haha. But the funny thing is that as a missionary you don't feel threatened at all to talk to any of the thugs and gang-bangers around here. They are generally pretty nice to us haha. It's the so called civilized people that are rude. Haha i had one of those "GET THE **** OFF MY PORCH!!!!!!" experiences this week haha. I just kinda smiled (I couldn't help it haha) and walked away, but my companion like frowned and said " We love you sir" (totally serious about it too) haha. Oh cool experience!!!! so Genel tried to quit smoking on monday and was really having a hard time. and was able to only have like 6 per day instead of the 24 she was originally having. She just couldn't go more than like 4 or 5 hours without one. Well on Saturday evening she asked me to give her a blessing. Yesterday after church she told us she hadn't had a cigarette since the blessing, and as far as I know she still hasn't smoked until this point! Keep Praying for her please!! The workings of God are surely being made manifest, but she needs ever ounce of strength she can get. Keep praying thank you!! Well that's all I've got for this week! Love you!!

Love, Elder Brimhall :)

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