Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letter from a sister in his new area...

Hello Sister Brimhall,

I live in the Benson Hill Ward, Renton WA Stake where your son is now serving! He was over here less than an hour ago, directly from the library and transfers. His companion, Elder Buckway, brought him over for haircuts right after they took care of their emailing. Now they are back at their apartment. They will be heading over to the Lim's house this evening. I'm sure you will hear from them, he serves as our enthusiastic ward mission leader and they love missionaries!
It was a pleasure meeting your son. I am very impressed. He is nice, polite, and eager to get to work in the Benson Hill Ward. The two of them already seem like they are getting along very well and there are some people in the current teaching pool with whom they will be able to work. Apparently our Mission is getting more cars in the fleet, so not many elders are on bikes anymore. You can see the car they get to drive. (and yes, it is raining) :)
We have five children, our oldest son served in the CA Ventura Mission and our youngest son is currently serving in the Utah St. George Mission. He loves it! Utah missions are unique in that each pair of missionaries will cover a large area, usually an entire stake. He loves missionary work, the beauty of Utah, and the people.
I can tell your son has a strong testimony of the gospel and is really enjoying missionary labors. He seems optimistic. As a mother, I would say he looks good and healthy! I reminded them that there are some bad viruses going around and to wash hands often.

Thanks for sending your son up our way. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help him or you - I especially enjoy taking photos, so if there's anything you would like a photo of, let me know. If he has a birthday coming up, let me know. We have a great ward, very supportive of the missionaries.
-Kathy McMullin
Renton, WA


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