Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan. 8, 2013

Hey fam!! How ya'll doin?? Good! First off I just want to say congratulations to you Dad on getting the delicious privelege to shower Nana haha!! Sweet! So I got transferred :( :( man that was so depressing. It was like leaving home all over again. I had to go say goodbye to my families - The Wood's, the Condie's, the Eberdongs... so sad, but I have heard some pretty great things about my new area so that made it exciting for me! My new ward is called Benson Hill and I'm in the city of Renton, which isn't too far from Federal Way so it's all good, I've been through Renton a few times. My new companion is named Elder Buckway. I've heard great things about him, Everyone around me was like " Elder Buckway! That's awesome you're gonna love it!" so that's good too. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Not sure where he's from yet haha. That's so cool that Bella got her call!! She's gonna love being a missionary so much!! The way I see it is, you may regret it or you may not if you don't go, but if you do go, you'll never ever regret it! Tell Nana and papa I love them and miss them and that I'm so sorry I could send them a letter last week like I was suppose to! There's no excuses, but we got caught up at the church way longer than I thought and then P-day was over and we aren't allowed to write on not pday haha. Oh just found out Elder Buckway is from Centerville Utah! "So anyways, I was wondering if you would join me in my quarters this night.. for some toast..." haha love that show so much haha! As for my bad week after Christmas, it was a mix of a whole lot of things, but don't worry, I'm all better now, I'm doing really well:) I love you guys! Hope you have a great week and I'll talk to you next week! Love you!
Love, Elder bill Brimhall :)

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