Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 4 & 19, 2013

February 4-
Whazzup!!!! So this week was a very good week as well for missionary work! Guess what?? We found Lena last week and have been teaching her for like a week and a half now. Well she passed her interview last night and is getting baptizedthis saturday!! Wooooo!!!!!!!! She is so excited too!! Every time she thinks about church and baptism she just can't stop smiling!! She is super converted to the gospel and truly understands it's importance for her and her kids! I'm so stoked we're having a baptism too! I love that lady! Plus things are picking up. We should be having more baptisms coming up in the next few weeks too! Soooo..... My house doesn't really look like my house anymore haha, but it's okay, life at home must go on without me. ( but i'm sure it's hard for ya'll to move on without me because i'm just so awesome haha) admit it, you miss me. haha. So i hope you aren't mad because you won't be here for it, but I'm getting my patriarchal blessing done on thursday. I don't want to go any furthur without it! Why didn't I get it sooner?? No idea, don't worry, i'm just an idiot haha. But yeah it's gonna be good! President Larkin wants to be there too so that will be good. Love that man.. LOVE HIM. So you all are getting concealed weapons permits eh? Go MOM! You rock that 9mm! haha! The time is really flying. Honestly I feel like I didn't leave very long ago, and it feels like I just face-timed you a few days ago haha! Bless your hearts! haha. So I don't have a whole lot to report this week, but I love you guys very much! Please keep praying that more investigators will come! The lord needs them!! I loveyou guys and hope you all have a great week! talk to you next week, but here I'll be until then, just pruning the Lord's vinyard.
Love, Elder Brimhall:)
(Lena's Baptism)

January 19-
Looks like you all had a good time in st george this weekend without me!! Don't worry I'll start coming with when I get back, which by the way, is less than 18 months away haha. Not only that, but President Larkin goes home in july and because of the timing of him going home, we had to make this transfer only 5 weeks instead of 6, so all the missionaries who are out right now will end up going home a week earlier than they planned! I got jipped a freaking week! That could be a baptism!!! Bummer.... So I haven't gotten my box yet, but i'm sure i'll get it soon :) It should have been here already. But i will get it soon. My new companion is Elder Bauman (pronounced like Bombin!) haha. He's a way cool guy and he is also the district leader for my district. He's going home in a few transfers haha. But this should be a great transfer! Mostly just because we are going to work our butts off for the Lord and get it done!!! I miss you guys man. However, I'm doing just fine, considering the circumstances. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I feel as though I have handled things pretty well out here, and I am doing great now. I whole-heartedly trust God in what He is doing! My mission will be over before I know it! Too fast man. I love it here. It's weird... I have never felt as close to my family, then when I'm out here a thousand miles away. I love you all a lot. Have a good week guys! Love you much!!


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