Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dec. 10, 2012

WHAT THE FETCH???? When did Bryce and Sis get so dang good at the piano?? Good job guys, keep practicing, trust me you'll be glad you did! Sounds like a chaotic season this year, as always haha! But that's what makes it fun most of the time anyways haha! We have had a pretty good week! Found some potential investigators and hopefully can get them baptized by the end of the year!! Oh man that's rough trey, I'll for sure keep her in my prayers dude. I haven't gotten my box from the mission office yet, but it's not my fault haha it's the zone leaders that have to go get everyone's stuff but it's super far away from our zone so they don't go very often! But I'm sure I'll get it soon! I'm spending Christmas with like my favorite family in the ward so I'm so stoked!! The Condie family!! Sweet! Speaking of the condie's, mom sister condie emailed you like 2 months ago, but she said you didn't email back, so I thought maybe you just didn't get it, but yeah her name is Jeanne condie. Pronounced like Janae haha, but it's spelled jeanne haha. Anyways... things are good. I think I'm gonna go play basketball in just a little bit so that should be fun! I'm so flippin sore haha cause we have been wrestling to keep in shape and Elder Pacheco was a wrestler in high school so I get my butt kicked most of the time, but I'm getting better and better! well that's all for this week! love you all, have a good week!! Talk to ya in a couple weeks on Christmas!!!
Love, Elder Bailey Bryce Brimhall :)

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