Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dec. 17, 2012

Dear Fam,
Love, Bailey :)
Just kidding! So this week was okay! Not great haha, but I guess they can't all be great eh? That's sweet that you're in the deacons quorum presidency bruce! And I'm super glad to hear that Kayla's mom is doing okay! I'm also way glad that work is still going well. Haha well about the music thing Dad, haha thanks for doing that. We'll see what the future holds for me with a career, but it's good to know someone likes my music haha! So with our investigators this week things have been rough, like almost all of our investigators have stopped progressing, and yet the Lord has still blessed us. There is a fourteen year old girl in the ward who has been coming for a long time, but was never baptized, but she came and asked us yesterday if we would give her the lessons and baptize her in like a week haha! So hopefully we'll have a convert baptism this saturday! Haha yes I got the box! Thank you so much!! That pillow in divinely lucious against my cheeks haha, and I've used my hot cocoa and mug like a hundred times already, and I'm wearing the belt and tie you sent me right now haha! P.s. Tell grandma and grandpa thank you so much for the gift cards! haha the clue on there wasn't exactly an easy one haha but I still guessed it right! And please also tell them that I should be sending them a letter soon! So we has two christmas parties this week! On thursday we had a half-mission wide party, so that was fun cause I got to see all my friends and missionaries that I love who have been transfered within the last couple transfers! We had a big dinner and then watched a movie! We got to watch 17 Miracles! Sooooooo good! Man I love that movie! And on saturday we had the ward party and that was fun! There were lots of musical numbers! Our ward My companion and I sang a mash up of the first noel and oh come all ye faithful, but i had to make up piano music that would match both songs haha. Sis. Condie was like "Wow, that was beautiful piano music! Who's arrangement was that??" haha I'm all " uh.... mine haha" it was pretty funny! Anyways that's about all that happened this week! Love you all so so much!! have a wonderful week fam!! Love you so much!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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