Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug. 5, 2013

HEY FAM!! What's up?? haha So to answer your question mom, I actually love it here. I'm really glad that I got to stay. Plus I'm training and training lasts 12 weeks so I'll most likely be here for a total of at least 7 1/2 months. crazy huh?? That's so weird that trey will be wearing garments soon. I feel like it was just yesterday that I put mine on for the first time haha but in reality that was like over 14 months ago. So I do have to say I love being a trainer haha. It's so much fun to be able to relate mission and life experiences to a new elder who can really use them. Plus during training schedule in the morning it's good for me to be able to teach the fundamentals that I learned when I was in training and be reminded of those vital basics. No, I didn't get your box yet :( but I think I'm getting it either today or tomorrow. Oh P.S. sorry I was using up so much money in my account last month, we were so flippin busy and we were just grabbing stuff on the run all the time! This week was good! We found a new investigator! She's a black girl in about her mid 20s her name is Amber and we are very excited to start working with her as well. So please add her to your "Bill's investigator prayer list" haha. That's SSSOOOOO good to hear that Papa is getting better and that everything is going well with his treatments! Thanks for the update dad. The Bruce is starting seminary?? CRAZY! That makes me feel pretty freakin old. Hey bruce make sure to be a good boy in sem and participate and be a good example to the other kids! Listening intently in seminary can be a very spiritual and a very meaningful experience. It's weird cause my year mark isn't until the 15th, but since I had that 5 week transfer in the spring, as of now-ish I have 12 months left. Ouch. Where did it all go?? I gotta use this next year better than the first. I haven't taught enough i haven't worked enough and I haven't baptized enough! Not that success is measured in baptisms, but I do have a goal to find many more who are willing to be baptized!! Love you all so much and hope all goes well this week!

Love, Elder Bill :)

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