Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aug. 27, 2013

Hey hey hey fam!!! Wow it sounds like everyone is doing pretty crappy! Sucks to be me right now!! (nacho) haha. No but really. that's such a bummer that things aren't going great for everyone right now. Can't win 'em all eh?  So we got to go to the temple this week, that's why p-day is on tuesday this week. Have you seen the new temple video yet??? If not, then you don't go to the temple enough haha it's been out for a little while. But IT IS SICK! Way better than the last one haha I loved it! dude, today I ran into sister nelson who i was tight with in the benson hill ward, on sunday i ran into the Barajas family, who was basically like a family on the mission, and on saturday and ran into the Eastman's haha! Crazy! Just happened to see them on the street in downtown Seattle!! So this week has been a week full of remembrance haha! It's been really nice though, i'm super glad I was able to see all those people! Olga is doing well haha. President Choi came to my ward on sunday haha and he ended up talking with her for like a half hour and she loved it. We have a lesson set up with her tonight so hopefully that goes well. I have really been thinking about my mission lately and what it actually means to me and I can tell you that it means so much! I am slowly realizing that it's not all that short of a time, it really isn't, but it is all i have to be a full time missionary like this for all of eternity! Only once in all of existence will I get to be a young, single guy who's sole purpose is to bring others unto the savior. Full Time baby. this is it. Then it's done. And all I've got left is like 11 months. It's really made me think about what I'm doing and how I'm working and what I can be improving on. Anyways, I love you all so much! I hope everyone has a much better week this week! talk to you soon! love you!!! 

Love, Elder Bill :) 

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