Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hey fam!! Hey i hope your test went well dad! I said a prayer for ya!! Well... haha it sounds like everything at home is about as hectic as it can get! Same old stuff! haha. To answer your question about training, yes I love it a lot! Still having a blast and still loving capitol hill. Haha but to tell you the truth we don't spend a ton of time on the Hill, we're usually down in the central district or rainier valley, which is the ghetto of seattle, but that's where most of the action is at haha so we gotta be there! Thanks so much for the box! I loved it! Haha You chose some good pictures for that picture book haha! This week we were part of a pretty huge miracle! So we've been teaching this russian lady named Olga, and she has two middle school aged kids. Olga is super stubborn and refuses to accept like any of the doctrine, won't come to church won't pray about the book of mormon or about baptism, and on friday we had our do or die lesson with her. The lesson was super intense and we left the house pretty frustrated and so was she, but we had committed her to say a real heartfelt prayer about it that night. On saturday we came back for a follow-up visit, and it was a huge miracle! The Lord has softened her heart and the first thing she said was like "Where is your church located. I'm going to have to come to church to know if it's true." and she promised that next week she was going to be there. The Lord is such a good dude. I love him. That softening of her heart was a HUGE miracle! I'm convinced that the Lord never stops working miracles among the children of men! I hope everything is going well at home! Mom and Dad are the only ones that emailed me this week, the rest of you failed haha. Love you lots! See you soon!

Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall.

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