Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov. 6, 2012

Brimhall Family! Hey!
So how's things?? Good! haha this week was alright. Please keep praying for dwayne and diane, they really really need your prayers, the adversary is working so hard on them because of how close they are. Halloween was okay! It was funny because we were tracting partially during trick or treating time haha. While they were knocking on doors dressed up in costume, I was knocking on doors as Christ's representative. While they were chomping down candy, I was feasting on the words of Christ in the bible and the book of mormon. Great times!! haha. Those pictures look good!! Looks like it was a fun time this year back in good ole' utah! Oh yeah those CD's I sent you guys are legitimately some of the deepest, truest, and most profound doctrine I have ever heard from an apostle before. That ten minute one is so awesome and I love it so much, but if you really want a spiritual high, then take the time to listen to the longer on, Feed My Sheep, by elder Holland. I love that guy so flippin much!! Happy late anniversary Mom and Dad!! 23 years!! Man that's older than I am! haha. Thank you for being such an example as a companionship for me all these years! i love you both so much!! So the reason that today is P-day instead of yesterday is because once quarterly we get to go to the temple on a tuesday, so pday is changed to tuesday this week because I'm going to the temple today!! Yay! I really miss home, but this work is keeping me busy. So the adversary is a d-bag just by the way. He interrupted the baptismal progression of almost all of our investigators this week. I guess I gotta work harder. And also as a result of that, we had to tract sooooooooo much this week! Lame haha. Oh well its an important part of the work. You have missionaries???? Sweet!! Do me a favor and just become best friends with them. Have them over for dinner a lot. Do whatever you can with them, trust me, they like it. :) The members of the ward are hands down, the MOST CRUCIAL part of missionary work. Get involved in the work as much as you can, you won't regret it! Trey, that means if male missionaries come around, take the opportunity to go on splits. Trust me man, I wish I could have had that experience. It will change your prespective of this work. I love my ward here so flippin much it's ridiculous. and it's because they are my friends and they get involved!! Well I love you all so so much! have a wonderful week!!!!

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