Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov. 12. 2012

Okay so first of all I want to answer sissy's question: no dish rag I have not heard Taylor Swift's new CD yet haha. Sorry dude. That snow looks like so much fun!!!....not. haha sorry guys that sucks. The weather here has been low 40's and rainy with some sun peeking out from the clouds once in a while haha, but I love the rain here so much!! The rain was probably my favorite part of this week haha:) Yes I certainly did hear about the election! Ya know, I would have voted for Romney for sure, but whether we like it or not, Obama is the leader of our country for 4 more years, so we need to pray for him and other leaders of this country and be thankful that we even get to live here. what an enormous opportunity we have to live in a free country. Let's join forces in prayer of thanksgiving, and for direction for the current leaders we have. I know it's a bummer, but there's nothing we can do now except pray. I'm good on warmth everywhere except my hands haha so yeah gloves would be nice por favor! :) Oh yeah that long talk entitled Feed My Sheep by Elder Holland is the bomb isn't it?? I love it so much!! Well as for Dwayne and Diane things are a process, and not a very good one yety haha. Diane has gone back to drinking a lot and Dwayne is frustrated and they're fighting a lot, and She's ready to kick him out. We stayed away for a few days and had no communication. Exactly what was needed. We went back on saturday and Dwayne was nearly in tears. He missed having us over and wanted the gospel back in his life. He has been dodging church for several weeks now, but on saturday he agreed to come to church, and sure enough yesterday he finally showed up. It was a great moment. No contact with Diane yet. Hope she's doing okay. Thanks for your prayers for them. They really need it. Things are okay other than that. We still have a couple baptisms lined up for this month. joseph joe should be baptized in a couple weeks, right before transfers, and hopefully jay curtain will be as well on the same day. So please pray for them too. I love you guys. not gonna lie, being on a mission for a long time doesn't get easier, it gets tougher every day. This week has been really hard to get through haha it's a dang good thing I went to the temple, that really helped! By the way, no it's not right in seattle it's in bellevue:) That was fun! Anyways I love you guys so so much!! have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Brimhall!
P.S. Whoever wants to take this challenge is welcome. I started the Book of mormon over about a week and a half ago. I'm in mosiah 14. I'm going to finish before Christmas. Anyone think they can start in mosiah 14 and finish before christmas? Who can beat me?? haha P.P.S. if you don't want to that's fine, just read alma 26. Great chapter :)

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