Saturday, August 18, 2012

the setting apart

Tues. Aug 14, 2012 was the "setting apart" where Bailey was officially
set apart as a full time missionary. . .

. . .with the siblings

. . .with Grandma and Grandpa

. . .with Nana and Papa

. . .with Big Rick and Robby K

. . .with sweet little tinkerbell tiff

. . .with Grant and Allie girl

The setting apart was an amazing and spiritual experience. . .hence the
teary-eyed little girl. . .
Pres. Castleton gave Elder B an incredible blessing,
and we are truly grateful for such an inspired and wonderful
Stake President and Bishop!

Brimhall fam with the new Elder B!
Look at that beau-ti-ful SMILE :)

No more hugs makes my boy a little sad :(

They're actually a-okay with it. . .it's all good!

This was our last night with our precious boy. . .very bitter sweet.
Lots of tears shed. . .a little sadness, a little happiness-but we know
he is in very loving and capable hands with the Lord as his guide.

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