Thursday, August 30, 2012

Missionary Time!!

August 29, 2012

Hey fam!!! Thank you all so so much for all of the letters you guys wrote me!!! I loved hearing from all of you!! You have no idea how amazing it is to hear from your family when you're a missionary!!! Sissy and Bryce sound good!! Sounds like you're both just as awesome as when I left a couple weeks ago!! Trey, you sound good for the most part, just keep hanging in there during those tough times!! Thank you all so so so much for all the prayers you guys say in my behalf!! You have no Idea the effects a prayer can have on a missionary!! This schedule is so ridiculously exhausting, but I can always tell when I have a prayer being said for me, because I suddenly am overwhelmed with the spirit of God and my energy returns almost instantly!! I am so so happy to hear that things with work are going well!! I pray for that every night and I try my best to work hard so that my family will also benefit from the blessings of missionary work!! But be not confused, you aren't the only ones who are receiving blessings!! My testimony is growing at an impossible rate, along with my strength, my knowledge of the gospel, my love for the people I teach, and even my love for my family!!! This truly is a righteous cause. I feel the strength and power of the Almighty in my life every day!! My heart hurts because I miss you all, but the blessings we are both receiving are far worth it!! To answer your question about the food, haha, none of it is that good, but i'm grateful for it anyways haha. They have to make food in bulk to feed like 2500 men three times a day, so you can't expect it to be that good haha. It's mostly just like chicken sandwiches or burgers and fries, but i'm trying to not eat very much so i can get into good shape!! Thank you so much for including Tiffani in all the family activities!! So thanks!! Yes Dad, you were right, it hurts like a mother fetcher to be away from her, but it hurts to be away from you guys too, but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth it haha!! Well I love you all so so much!! You all sound so amazing!! The ponds should be fun!! Shoot my limit for me will you guys?? That'd be great to know that doves weren't wasted just cause i'm not there! I'm pretty much dominating in basketball every day haha! No but really I kicked a kids butt a couple days ago in 3 on 3 who played for BYU before his mission haha! Crazy eh?? Well I gotta go finish up my laundry and then get a haircut so I'll write ya'll next week!! Please stay close to the Lord while I'm gone, he really can bring about miracles if you have faith in him and work hard for him!! Oh before I go I wanna tell you a story. So we do a role play in our classes where we actually teach an investigator, k? Well Elder Henrie and I have an investigator named christina. For the first two lessons we really wanted to succeed and help her out, but she didn't seem to be all that into it, and we had one last lesson with her. In the first two lessons we had gotten her to pray and read a little bit of scripture, but she only Kinda liked it. On our last lesson with christina we had really come to love her and see her side. We prepared as hard as we could and we studied and just trusted in the Lord with all we had. We went in with christina and a half hour later she had committed to the Lord to be baptized and repent of any sins she had made!! I'm not even sure of half the words I said because it wasn't me saying them!! It was all the spirit moving words through our mouths, because our love and preparation!! The spirit was so thick in that room you could practically see him standing there, moving within her heart!! That is one of the very most sacred experiences I have ever had in my life by far. I love our Savior so much, He can, and does, truly work miracles!! Stay close to him. I love you guys all so much!! Thank you for those pictures!! Love you guys!!

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm Leaving on tuesday, september 4th!! I'm leaving the MTC at 5 a.m. My flight leaves here at 8:30, so expect a call mom between like 6:30 and 8. I'll only have a few minutes to talk but it'll be awesome!! I'll get on again on like saturday or monday so write me before then k?? Love you so much!!

       Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :) :)

He then proceeds to take us on a tour of his room. . .
there's my handsome boy!!

Boys will be boys :)

Glad to see my son is staying true to his sense of humor :)


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