Saturday, August 18, 2012

temple & the photo shoot

Heading to the Draper Temple to take our his endowments :)

 A quick hug from tinkerbell, and off he goes. . .

We are so proud of our sweet sons and the good choices they
are making in their lives, and feel so blessed to be the
parents of such amazing kids!

Time for the photo shoot. . .
We decided to head over to Heritage Gardens on a Sunday afternoon
while they were closed to snap a few photos. . .

Bailey really hated this pic, because he says his eyes were buggin' out. . .
but I happen to think it's pretty cute :)

Gotta love Photobucket. . .super quick and easy way to make
announcements! And cheap too :)

I just had to throw in this one because it's so typical of my son. . .
he climbed way up in the rafters to preach the word haha :)
Oh, I sure do love this boy!!

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