Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2012

Howdy family!!!
  This week did indeed fly by as usual. It's the start of my last two transfers! Weird. Neither of us got transferred, so elder Carpenter and I are still together! I'm glad cause we get along really well and work and teach together in unity so it's a good companionship. Thanks for checking out all those options for pale grants and stuff for me mom! I'm gonna need them! yes i got my temporary drivers licence, which i have some info about by the way. So on that form it asked me if i have reoccuring athsma or respiratory issues that i have to have an inhaler for, and I put no, but i bought an inhaler a couple months ago because a doctor gave me the prescription because a mixture of springtime allergies and illness left my throat a little tight, so he just said go get an inhaler. So if the DMV calls you and asks why i bought an inhaler but told them i don't have respiratory issues, now you know and can explain to them that i don't, but it was just a one time thing. :)
   We have some good things going on right now with our investigator bob. We've been having a hard time with him and his less active wife, but we talked to him yesterday and he said that his marriage is going to be broken up unless his wife agrees to do four things with him which include marriage counseling, quit drinking, quit smoking, and start going to church. It's going to be a rough road for just a week or two, but it's a huge step and we think that he will be baptized this transfer.
   That's about all I have for you right now! But I'll include pictures, including one from Diana's baptism two weeks ago, going to do service, and district pics.

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