Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 8, 2014

Hola Familia!
   So this week was pretty good! We had small miracles all throughout the week that kept our heads up and helped us to feel the power and support of the Lord. I've been really focusing lately (the last couple of weeks or so) on trying to purify and sanctify myself. It has proven to be a remarkable experience. I would say that my knowledge and discernment of the spirit has increased by double or even triple since I started this little purification exercise I've been doing. Pretty much all it consists of is me praying every morning for strength to focus and determination, then I keep my eye out for everything that seems out of place in my life, or things that don't seem Christlike that i'm doing, and then i change them. It's simple to think about, hard to do, and worth every ounce of effort.
   This week is Father's day!! Are you doing anything cool for dad?? I hope you get to have a good week/father's day dad! I sent a card in the mail this morning so it will probably get to you late this week haha so it will be a few days early but that's better than a few days late I figured. We're not doing too much today. We might go meet up with a couple kids in the ward and play ball if we're lucky.. But if not then it's fine. 
   Our investigators are kinda dragging their feet right now and not really progressing and fast as they need to, so that's a little frustrating, but like I said, the Lord has been showing us little miracles all week to help us keep our heads up. One of those miracles being a nice lady who talked to us for a while during tracting hours. Her name was Kristi, and she is a young mom who has a couple kids and a husband, and they go to the local baptist church, but she has a book of mormon that a friend gave her. We offered her a chapter to read and then after that she kind of vented and said that she's really looking for clarity in her life. So we testified that this is the message that she needs to give her clarity, and invited her to church. She didn't come this week, but we had a very good spiritual feeling about this lady and I think large miracles will stem from that conversation :)
   Well that's all for this week! Hope you all have a great week! Love you!! Remember, the church is true, the book is Blue, and Moroni is always on the ball! ;)
Love, Elder Brimhall :)
  P.S. Good luck in that championship game Bryce!!! And be careful river rafting!

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