Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

Ugh, Elder B should know better than to send his paranoid mother a picture like this! Service projects are great...unless they're on the roof of a very tall house!!

   Man so I wasn't able to watch the game but i was getting updates from the members like every 5 minutes haha!! Seattle wins!! 43-8!! Woohoo! Well now that I have my seattle bragging out of the way i can tell you about my week. I finally got my bike back this week! There was one more thing that they needed to fix which was an extra 20 bucks so i just paid for that with my credit card. Hope that's okay. So I'm going on a fruits and veggies diet for a little while so I can drop the weight that I need to while i'm still on bike. I'm starting my diet today haha elder petersen and I both are doing it haha so this should be an interesting next few weeks.
   Trey called me this morning and we talked for about 20 minutes or so just about his mission so far and he asked for some advice. I told him two things. Number one was that at some point during his mission he would face trials bigger than before and maybe even feel doubt within his frustration, but never ever ever to lose the knowledge of the divinity of his calling. The lord called him there for very specific reasons and expects trey to fulfill his purposes while he is in india. Number two was simply to follow the two great commandments given by the savior to the scribes and pharisees - to love the Lord with all his heart and never give that up, and to love everyone around him no matter what happens or what they do. If he follows those two commandments to the best of his ability then everything else the lord is asking of him will fall right into place.
   As for the work, our investigator Scott is super close to baptism and we are hoping for this weekend but it will probably be next weekend or the weekend after. So please pray that Scott will gain the ability to recognize the spirit more fully in his life and follow the promptings from the holy ghost.
   Haha i gotta tell you a story. So my comp and I were talking about our families the other day and he is an only child so he doesn't have siblings obviously. But he was like "yeah you have 3 siblings right?" and i said "no" and then he's like "Oh yeah I forgot, you have 3 brothers and 1 dish" hahahaha I laughed so hard that he remembered that we called sissy the dish:) It was really funny.
   One more story! So I was just joking around in planning a few days ago and I said to elder Petersen, "This week we will be tracting on the edge of our area and will find a guy named james jacobson who will accept a date for baptism in the first lesson. haha Well a couple days ago we were tracting on the edge of our area and ran into a house where the doorknocker said Jacobson haha. We both freaked out and like were super nervous. Well I took lead when a man named roger opened the door and said he would listen to our message. I taught the restoration and he accepted a date for baptism!!! I may have messed up the name james, but everything else was proved to be prophetically true haha. :) i thought that was a cool story.
   No real requests for the box, but thank you so much!! Also thanks for trying to help so much with my drivers licence! I love you all so much and hope that you all have a really great week!!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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