Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec. 16, 2013...The very first gift of Christmas

Howdy Y'all!!

So I think we will probably be at Pepper and Gin's Place for Christmas this year. And they do have Skype! Don't know what time I'll be calling yet, I'll let you know next week. I can't believe Christmas is next week! Wow that came fast! By the way to answer a couple of questions, yes pepper and ginger are interested in the church, and they are friends! And no they didn't send you that picture. That was our investigator Dawn. She and her husband are super excited about learning.
I've taken some extra time this week to ponder myself and gain some more clarity on who I am, why I'm here on earth, why i'm here on a mission, my family both current and future, and my testimony. I've come to the conclusion, that i'm so glad to be alive. I am here both on earth and on my mission for the same reason, to bring light to the lives of those around me. I love and admire my family a lot. I have and older brother who shares his talents of love and leadership. A younger brother who has showed me what real dedication is supposed to look like. My youngest brother lets courage and truth guide his every move, no matter the consequences. My sister manifests kindness, care, and virtue at every front. And as I look at my parents, it isn't hard to see where any of those characteristics came from. I love them so much.
And in light of the season, I would like to share a small portion of my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 2013 years ago, who could have imagined that the fate and happiness of all of mankind rested on the shoulders of an infant, who was lying peacefully in a manger? I'll tell you who. An all knowing, and loving father in heaven. Imagine the burden placed on our heavenly Parents as they let their eldest and most precious son fall into the hands of humanity, to commence his mission to save the world, completely and utterly alone. The very first Gift of Christmas, "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son." John 3:16. But I am grateful that they did allow it, because he will forever remain a beacon of hope to the burdened and depressed. His love will lift all who are good enough to just reach for His hand, Which is already stretching out for theirs. He lives and protects us in the infinite embrace of his love. 
Well I have some pictures for you.  Hope you like them! I'm so excited to talk to you on Christmas next week!! Love you so so much!! Have a good week! Talk to you soon ;)
Bailey and Elder Brown!!

He's enjoying the music system and ipod he got for Christmas :)

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