Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. 8, 2013

We got this awesome random picture sent to us this week!
Thank you who ever sent this to totally made our day!!

Wow I like the decorations on the house!! It looks sweet! Yes I did get the last box you sent me! I loved It so thank you so much!! No we weren't allowed to watch the devotional! Lame huh?? This past week has been great, but also pretty tough haha because last week our car got pulled for the zone leaders, so we are on bike for the winter!! Haha that'll be interesting! If you look at my area it's pretty small, but it's one gigantic steep hill haha so the whole biking up it thing is a little rough to get used to, but other than that it's been a pretty good week. Yes I can probably Skype or facetime or whatever you use. I'll most likely be here at Pepper and Ginger's house for Christmas. They aren't even members of the church, but they have become very much like family to us, for which we are very grateful. Awesome! Hopefully I can find something you're going to like mom! I love Christmas time and I am so so excited to talk to you in two weeks! We went to the temple today, so that's why Pday was on Tuesday this week. And the other half of the mission is going to the temple next week so pday will be on Tuesday next week too. And dad you are totally right I am definitely enjoying the ipod and speaker system. I use it lots every day! Thanks for letting me use your old ipod. And I'm starting to use my Ninja blender that you gave me a lot again. I got some slimfast and bananas and Ice and milk and blend it all together and it makes a wonderful breakfast!! Love it! I'm so sad to hear that sissy's been so sick lately!! Hopefully that surgery will make it all better. Man I can't believe she will almost be ten when I get home. Which by the way is only 8 months from tomorrow :( It's super nuts. Hope you all have a really awesome week!! I love you so so much!!
Love, Elder Bailey Bryce Brimhall :)

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