Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 28, 2013

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAlrighty then!!! (anyone catch that quote??) So first off, i did not get the picture of mallards on the porch. Lame! So as far as I know, Diane's baptism didn't go through, so I didn't get to go, but she'll get there, just keep her in our prayers:) Our car is getting some body repairs today, so we're just riding around with the zone leaders for today. This week was pretty good. Janelle and her daughter Eliana are coming along well. They are coming to church now and janelle wants to quit smoking so that she can get baptized! Sweet! Pray for her please! Thanks! Lena did baptisms in the temple???? YEAH!!!!! Tell her what up for me plz:) Tell trey I did get his email this and last week. Suggestions?? Well I have a couple. One pertains to mission prep, but the other pertains to this business with Natali thing. I'll give the latter first. That is really cool and super exciting, but as we learned with the tuxes, even family business can get far too heated way to quickly. Please be careful about that, and I personally think that the key for both ends is humility and submission. Now that doesn't mean give in to everything the other person wants, but keeping an open mind to others thoughts and ideas is an essential principle of life, especially in business. That goes for both of you ladies. Second, my suggestions on early MTC work is reading and activities. Read a lot from Preach My Gospel as well as the four standard works, particularly the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. Do the activity boxes in preach my gospel. And even though it's kinda wierd and awkward, do role-plays, meaning one of you is the investigator, and the other is the missionary, and the missionary has to find, and resolve the concern of the investigator using principles contained in preach my gospel and the scriptures. That will be great preparation! Gotta go guys! Love you much and hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Love, Elder BBB>>>>>>>>     (>")>...that looks kinda like kirby from smash bro's haha

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