Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 15, 2013

What is poppin?? I am doing alright alright! I love you guys and I thank you so much for your prayers and fasting for me, especially the last few weeks! They have been rough haha just because of the area and companion and stuff. Not that I don't like my companion, it's just that we have very different views on how missionary work should be done and that makes it hard to really be united in what we are doing. I got a letter from the Thompsons! They sound super awesome! Haha tell them they can write me whenever they want to, and I will probably write them back most of the time! As for my birthday.... if you really want my suggestions here they are: first of all you don't have to get me anything, let's be honest, a letter is most likely the only thing I can get for ya'll on your birthdays haha. Second, if you really insist, then at least don't spend a lot of money on it; Gifts are expensive anyways, plus you would have to pay for shipping. Third, it can't be big, I already cant even fit all of my crap in my three suitcases when i get transfered haha. So those are my suggestions :) On another note, you guys don't have to worry about me, things out here are rough sometimes, but ultimately the Lord is taking pretty good care of me! Keep the faith fam! I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Yo quiero ustedes tener un buen dia! Love you!
  Love, Elder Bill :)

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