Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 21, 2013

Hey hey! What's going on dudes?? So I want you to do a couple things for me. First I want you to tell natali that now I will be extremely disappointed if I don't get a megaphone shout out at the airport haha. Secondly, I want you to get amber's mailing address form her parents cause she wrote me forever ago and I put the letter in my letter file and totally spaced writing her back. So if you could please Send me that next week, that would be great, thanks! Well this week was not too bad. We are finding lots of new investigators, the problem is that we end up dropping them in like a week because non of them want to commit to anything. But we did find janelle and her daughter eliana. Awesome people and will probably get baptised within the next few months! Oh!!!!! One more request! Do you remember Diane and Dwayne that I taught for 4 1/2 months in Feddy Way?? Well Diane is finally off of alcohol and is getting baptised this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how awesome that was for me to hear!!! So my request is that you can pray for a way that I can be there at the baptism. The only way usually is if I can get an investigator to go all the way down to federal way with me, but we don't have solid investigators right now, so please please help me out and pray that I can be there!! Thank you!! No I'm good with whatever you send me in the box mom haha. Thank you :) That's pretty much it for this week! Not much else is going on haha. But i love you guys and hope you have a great week!!
     Love, Elder Brimhall :) :)

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