Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct. 7, 2012

Hello Brimhall Family!!! Wow it really looks like a great year for duck hunting!! That's so rediculous! haha!! The door looks awesome!! Nope it doesn't bug me at all! Ahh yes! If you can send me a couple items in the next box that would be awesome!! I don't need jeans, but I could definitely use a beanie and a scripture case! My scripture case should be in the top left drawer of the black dresser by the bathroom!! Thank you so much!! and you can just send it to the mission office please!! All boxes are suppose to go to the mission office an most letters too! This week is transfer week, so everything sent here should be sent to the mission office just in case I get transfered. I shouldn't get transfered, but you know, just in case. The work here is kind of slow going. We have a lot of our investigators back-sliding. We are working super hard and trying to be diligent in everything we do!! We found a couple more new investigators this week, but we haven't really been able to get ahold of them since, so hopefully we'll be able to this week. I miss you guys a ton! You can tell haha I sent letters to all of you haha! Things are tough of course, but that is where faith and diligence comes in. Just gotta keep working hard and doing my best and let the Lord take care of the rest. You know what they say, hard work is just another name for luck ;) I've come to find that the times that I get to sit down and read from the Book of Mormon are my very favorite times of the day! Keep reading fam! That book truly contains messages from God on how to improve your life!! Heavenly Father speaks to me most often through the scriptues! I love it!! Love you guys so much!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Brimhall!!

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