Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 24, 2014

Dear fam,
   Hi! Nice prank you bums!! Haha it was fun though to see and talk to you for just a minute haha, and yes we did enjoy the treats very much, so thank you! Grant pulled a prank like that my first transfer haha, so I guess it makes sense to do another prank near the end! This week has been good! We have talked to a lot of people who are not interested and seem to be having very little success, but this week we got a referral who is very interested and says he can just feel the truthfulness of the church, and so we think he will be baptized very soon!! So that is a huge miracle and i know the Lord is blessing us for our diligence, he always does :) One thing that has sucked this week is i've had a big ol' cold sore on my face for a week haha it stings pretty bad, but it's starting to get smaller so that's good! Hey I had a good idea about how to use technology for good in the home, including video games, cell phones, and computers. You'll have to remind me to tell you about it when i get home, cause it's kinda hard to explain over email. Man I'll tell you what, the Gospel is definitely true! It's amazing how living the standards of the Lord helps with life's every day challenges. I had a couple of really cool personal experiences this week with prayer and revelation. I was laying in bed one night just thinking about the Law of chastity and all that it entails, but wondering why such a good thing is so addictive in it's corrupted form. I think the Lord was waiting for just that kind of moment, because all of the sudden inspiration flooded my mind and everything that I've been taught about the Law of Chastity in my life made sense. Everything clicked and i understood things that I've never understood that way before. i won't give details yet, maybe when i get home, but it was a huge testimony builder to me that when we are trying our best to do the things the lord wants us to, then he helps us to do them and to understand why we do them. Another experience i had, is that when Elder Carpenter was in the shower, i decided to kneel down and say a vocal prayer. I've done it in the past and i knew that it a more spiritual experience when you pray personally out loud, but this time the Lord just wrapped his arms around me tight and i felt the love of the Lord. I couldn't see his body or feel the physical touch of his arms, but it was as real as anything i've ever felt. If we give ourselves to God, then he will give himself to us and we will feel the embrace of infinite friendship and love. If you have not done this lately, please do. Find somewhere that you can be alone, and talk to the Lord vocally as if he was physically present before you. It's a great experience! That was my week! The Church is true! God lives, and Jesus is the Christ!! Hope you have a good week guys! Love you!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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