Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov. 25, 2013...brotherly advice :)

Hey!! Man I sure hope trey had a better week! I was so bummed to hear you were having a bummer week brother! You're good enough to tough it out. Being in a tough area should tell you one thing and one thing only: that the Lord really trusts you, and expects greatness from you. Don't let your expectations be anything different than His, because with him all things are possible. And I'm not just being cliche, it's totally true. Bryce! That's so cool that you got your Patriarchal Blessing! Congratulations dude! Keep up being the good kid you are. Do everything you possibly can to prepare for that mission, because it will really be the most enriching time you will have ever had until that point. I can't even begin to describe to you how good it is and how fast it goes.
This week for us was a little slower. Dawn didn't come to church! So that was a big obstacle for her, but we also were able to help her gain her desire for baptism! She legitimately said "I want to be baptized". So that was a happy moment, but she can't be baptized if she doesn't come to church!!!! So that's the next step. I'm not gonna lie, it's really weird for me still to think that Trey is even on a mission. To see pictures of him with a name tag and a companion and such is just crazy. Life goes a whole lot quicker than I ever imagined as a young kid, or as a teenager, or than I ever expect it to. It always goes too quick. That's why it's so important to slow down every once in a while and just look at your blessings, because they'll be gone in an instant if you let 'em.
Don't worry mom, we have a good place to be for thanksgiving. Plus our investigators, pepper and ginger, who are sisters, are glad to have us over any time for dinner. haha they feed us more than the ward does, which is a lot! I love you all so so much and hope you are all doing well.
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love you! 
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)  

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