Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov.4, 2013

Okay so here's the deal, if you all got an email from trey then I'm mad! I didn't get one! What a turd. Haha that is pretty cool though about us being all star champs haha. I like it. Sweet! I'm excited for that package to arrive! Sounds like it's something fun haha so thank you! Well to tell you a little bit about this week, We have an investigator named Pepper. We didn't get a whole lot of lessons in this week, but we really developed our relationship with pepper and i think things are really about to take off with her. I didn't get the awesome news about what trey is doing in the mtc by the way cause he didn't email me. What is it? Is he one of the MTC zone leaders or something? haha. That would be cool. Dawn and Shane... They have one daughter who is like 17 or something like that, but I've never met her. She's never been there when i've been there. So Grant tells me that he's going back to bama for a week haha that's pretty cool eh? Man I cannot even believe that it's already november. It's ridiculous haha. Time is flying so freaking fast I can't even keep track of it. 9 months is gonna be gone in the blink of an eye. So I just found out that like 3 of my friends are on missions and I didn't even know it! I don't know if you remember them, but sarah james is in bolivia. Hillary young is in argentina. it's crazy! But don't worry about me here in issaquah! I'm doing great! Love you soooo much and hope that you all have a great week!!
Love, Elder Bailey Brimhall :)

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