Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept. 9, 2012

Well first things first, thank you so so much for all of you writing me!! I love hearing about how everybody is doing!! But things are going alright around here haha no I don't feel unsafe at all from where I'm living. I live in a city called Federal Way, so I'm technically not directly in Seattle right now, haha but I have not seen a drop of rain since I got here haha but right now Washington is breaking it's all time record for longest time without rain! So that's pretty cool haha it's been way warm. Yes we literally run from house to house for 2 or more hours every day!! My body is in like a state of over exhaustion haha I am so drained but that's what it's all about!! I've only been here for a week and I can already say that a mission is one of the hardest things somebody can ever endure in this life, but it is extremely rewarding!! It was really super awkward walking up to random people on the street at first haha cause most of them just get mad at you, but some of them are pleasant to talk to! Haha. It gets easier by th day though :) We actually had a really old guy the other day haha, we walked up to him and introduced ourselves and this guy was like 80 years old, but he wasn't very nice haha we asked him if he had a belief in God, and he just turned around and yelled "that's none of your "bleeping" business!!" crazy guy. haha oh well!! So on saturday I performed three child of record baptisms! haha what that means is that they are 8 years old, but their dads aren't worthy to baptize them, so they call th missionaries!! That was fun for me, but really sad for those dads who were wishing that they were the ones in the font with their little boy or little girl :( But yeah things are going good!! We have a few people who we are teaching and want to be baptized, but they are just having a hard time with some things, like most of them are trying to quit smoking first, so that's hard for them! Well I love you guys so so much!! I'm trying to send pictures, but this computer won't let me!! Sorry!! Love you guys and have a great week!!!! If you want something to read in the scriptures, I love 1 Nephi 18!! My favorite verses are 3, 15-16, and 21!! Love you!!


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