Hey family!! Seattle is going super great!! This is my second day here!! I've already talked to tons of random people off the street and a lot of people are willing to listen, so it's going really great!! Just so you know I don't know my address exactly, but my companion, Elder Lindeman, told me that we shouldn't have you send anything directly anyways because of the area around here is kinda sketchy, so just send it to the mission home and the zone leaders will go get it and bring it to us. The address of the mission home is in my mission call, so hopefully you kept that! haha. But yeah, how are things going over there?? I hope things are good!! Things here are good, I don't know what i'm doing half the time, there's already good and bad times, but I try to just focus on the good! :) There literally has not been a single cloud in the sky since I got here haha. They said this is washington's longest dry streak ever haha!! But I know i shouldn't get used to it because just as soon as things come, they can go. I miss you guys!! Like I said, my companion is named elder Lindeman, he is like six foot three and like 290, but hes a great guy!! He has been out a little over a year, like 14 months or so. He really knows his stuff really well! :) How's school going? And work? And play time? Are you getting some good play time in too?? Haha I hope so, it's just as important to play as it is to work!! I live in a little tiny apartment in the ghetto haha!! So fun! But my companion is the district leader so we do get the car this transfer, but all that means is that we drive to a part of town, park, and then run run run! And when I say run, i mean it 100% literally. We do not walk or lolligag in the Washington Seattle mission, we run from door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, with strength and purpose!! Definitely will get some exercise during my mission!! I haven't even gotten to take any pictures or go shopping or anything yet because I have been busy from the moment I stepped off the plane!! I had lunch at the mission home yesterday, but all i've eaten since then was a peanut butter sandwich because we have been too busy to even go to the store!! But don't worry, We're going to the store sometime tonight to get some food haha!! I'm just in the King county library right now, just sittin on a laptop! My tracting/contacting skills are like zero I have found out, but hopefully they will get better with time :) I certainly hope so! I am excited to be here in seattle where the Lord has called me to be a servant to these people!! I hope and pray that I can be a tool in the Lord's hand in improving their lives and bringing them closer to Christ! That is my purpose, the reason I'm here at all. I love you all so much and pray that you all can come closer to Christ while I am coming closer to Him. By the way, my P-day is on mondays, so I 'll write next then:) Love you guys!! Have a great week!!
        Love, Elder Brimhall