Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 11, 2013

Howdy do!! Well no I haven't gotten nana's letter yet, but I'm sure I will soon! What??? Mom got a gun?? Hey I'm just sayin, if everyone else is getting a gun, then I'm expecting to see a brand new 9mm waiting for me :) haha just kidding! That's a bummer that the weather in st. george was cold! our weather was mid 50's this week with only a little bit of rain hahah. So this week was even better than last week. We had a total of 40 lessons this week and found 6 more people who are preparing for baptism, 3 this month. Yes willy is still on track for this saturday, but now so is freddy and drew, so if you could pray for all three of them that would be awesome too! So Freddy is the ex-husband of melissa barajas in the ward and he has been staying with th for a coulple weeks and goes home to california in a week, so we literally only have like 5 more days to get him baptized an confirmed, so yeah, please pray for him! Hey dad that would be awesome if you guys could come see me! But I want you to know that if you ask President Larkin for permission he'll probably yell at you. And then He'll yell at me for letting you ask haha. So if you really want to see me it will be breaking the rules, just like when we went to see grant haha. But we all have our agency.... Sounds like bruce has a new girlfriend... easy there tiger. What would you know, you're just a dang kid! (Grumpy old men) I miss you guys a lot when I see pictures like that haha I want to be there so bad going trigger crazy! haha. Good luck with the new hardwood floors! Too bad you don't have a big buff kid like me to do all the hard work for you...just a bunch of scrawny turds haha. Except that ya'll can all probably out-bench me now, because i can't freaking use weights!! I wish I could so bad, but I can play sports, and I'm betting i could eat you all up by now in one-on-one basketball haha. I'm raining like jimmer....forget that, I'm raining like seattle haha. So i might get a different mission call if i'm in Renton or anywhere south of there when the mission splits haha. Not gonna lie, I want to be in the Federal way mission pretty bad. I like places like feddy way, renton, puyallup, or kent. Places like that. Granted I won't get to go to the spaceneedle, but the overall experience will be better in the federal way mission. Well gotta go. Love you guys tons of much!! Have a great week!! Hasta luego!! ( by the way, mom my spanish is going very well, I can read pretty decently in spanish now haha! Stoked!)
Love, Elder Bill Brimhall :) (or as lena's girls call me, Elder Butthall haha)

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