Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct. 14, 2013

Issaquah, Washington!
Hey guys!! 
   How's the week?? Sounds super busy! Between dads job, painting, and trey's mission coming up it sounds like everything is about as busy as it can possibly be! Get used to it trey man. That's how the mission field is, busy busy busy! I know it can all seem overwhelming, but you get used to it. Not only do you get used to it, but you learn to love it! I seriously can't even imagine a life that's not crazy hectic! I love you all lots, and I'm glad things are busy and good, but just make sure that you are still taking time to slow down and love the small beauties of life. You'll go insane if you don't slow down for a little bit every once in a while. Even missionaries don't have ENDLESS energy...pretty darn close though haha ;) I'll probably write you a letter today trey, just to give any last few weeks advice kind of stuff you know? But for now just look up a video. It's a mormon message by elder holland and it's called "good things to come". When times get tough, which they undoubtedly will, remember that video. This week for missionary work went pretty slow. Nothing new to report really, we didn't get a whole lot of lessons this week because we were doing a ton of service. I'm okay with that because service always helps put a good name to the church, but having lots of lessons is fun too haha. We're gonna keep working on that part haha. It was good to get that picture of garrett haha good to know he's doing well. I haven't heard from him in a little while so that was awesome haha. Keep it up awesome fam! I love you all so much and hope that your week goes really well!!
Love, Elder Brimhall :)

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